Austin TX Headquarters

2809 S I-35
San Marcos, Tx 78666

Call now: 512-829-4194


Mon-Fri: 7:00 - 4:00

Lunch: 12:00 - 1:00

Our headquarters is located in San Marcos, just a short drive south of Austin, Texas, the birthplace of PGM of Texas.  We recently moved to this great new location where we have more room to grow our team and our company.  We often say that our team and our customers are actually more like our family. Although the company has grown quite a lot over the years, we still maintain our original crew that has been with us since 2000. We believe in shared success, and thrive on relationships.  Please come on by and visit or take a tour of our facility.  We would love to welcome you to join our growing PGM family.

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Austin Headquarters Team Members

Allen Hickman
General Manager - Sales and Purchases
Two decades experience in Catalytic Converter Recycling

Pete Hernandez
Product Manager - Purchases and Team Coordinator
Team member since 2003

JR Willis
Assistant Manager - Purchasing/Logistics
Team Member since 2014

Steve Contreras
VP of Sales and Refining
Team Member since 2017

Billy Galligan
Commercial Manager
20+ years catalytic converter recycling experience

Dwayne Oltmann
Senior Account Rep

Marcos Trejo
Team Lead - Purchases
Team member since 2007

Jorge Sandres
Production Manager
Team member since 2009

Sherri Silva
Team member since 2010

Debbie Torres
Office Manager

Austin Hickman
Lab Manager - Testing and Research
Team member since 2000

Brenda Hickman
Office Assistant
Team member since 2006