Our Responsibility

PGM of Texas, LLC (PGM) is committed to the safe and ethical sourcing of our Nation’s most critical minerals. Not only do we have a dedicated compliance team constantly monitoring laws to improve operations, but we have also worked to develop crucial partnerships with respected community leaders to aide in our outreach efforts. PGM’s commitments include:

  • Working directly with local authorities and law makers on creating solutions to help prevent catalytic converter theft
  • Educating our employees and customers on state and local laws and properly documenting our transactions in accordance with those laws
  • Continually monitoring for changes in industry regulations
  • Implementing processes which help us better understand our customers and the material they source
  • Ensuring our employees and customers acknowledge their responsibility for compliance and ethics within the industry
  • Acting as a resource for authorities by communicating the importance of the recycling industry and providing a thorough understanding of all aspects of the value chain

Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention

A large part of our commitment to ethical sourcing is the proper recording and documentation of each transaction we perform. Each of the 50 states have their own set of laws dedicated to the prevention of catalytic converter theft. Most of these laws contain stringent record-keeping requirements, payment restrictions, and proof of ownership documentation for individual Sellers of regulated material (i.e., catalytic converters). For businesses who generate and/or sell regulated material in their ordinary course of business, PGM must document proof of such business.

As each of the states vary slightly in their requirements, we encourage you to reach out to the location nearest you for more information.

Regulated Metal Anti-Theft Policy