Catalytic Converters

Our specialty is catalytic converter recycling, and we’re always happy to share our expertise with our customers. By keeping our customers informed, we become a stronger buying force in the market.
We offer a variety of ways to purchase your catalytic converters, from single pieces to full semi loads.

Some services we offer to our clients include:

• Detailed catalogs
• In-house training
• Telephone support
• Lot & single piece testing

Foil Catalyst

Metal foils have always been a big part of the Catalytic Converter world, and we welcome them with open arms. We offer pricing by the pound, as well as by the piece. We also offer lot refining for lots over 1,500 pounds.

O2 Sensors

Although they’re the smallest, sometimes forgotten part of the exhaust system, there is added value in recycling your O2 Sensors. We can offer the most competitive pricing from small quantities to mass volume lots.

Toll Refining

The benefits of large volume refining are numerous. PGM is able to work with customers to maximize their time and efforts by leaving the hassle and complexity of material sorting and inventory to us. We offer custom tailored terms to fit your individual needs on lots as small as 250 pieces.