Today, PGM of Texas is celebrating National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day by thanking the thousands of peace officers across Texas and around the nation who take incredible risks each day while protecting their communities. We are especially committed to supporting and working with law enforcement as they interdict the criminal organizations that are driving catalytic converter theft.

We are grateful to Chief Art Acevedo for serving as our ambassador to the law enforcement community, leveraging his decades of experience and relationships to maintain vital dialogue about the realities of the metals recycling business and best practices to strike at the root causes of converter theft. The informational tours we hosted at our San Marcos headquarters last year, along with multiple offsite meetings in which we participated, accelerated those conversations and built understanding that is paying dividends for police. We look forward to hosting even more tours and discussions in the new year.

We are also hard at work with legislators in Texas and beyond to support police with better-informed laws and associated penalties, giving them what tools we can to help with their hard work.

In the coming year, we will continue our collaboration with legislators and law enforcement to drive down the risk to vehicle owners as we keep working to return these vital metals to the American economy.

If you see a peace officer today (or any day, for that matter), take a moment to thank them for all they do. If you’d like to donate to an appropriate cause, please consider the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.