SAN MARCOS, TX (June 6, 2023) – PGM of Texas, the largest ethical recycler of catalytic converters in North America, is joining with its industry peers to celebrate passage of Senate Bill 224 which honors the life of Deputy Darren Almendarez while setting a new national standard for tackling a widespread problem. Passed unanimously by both houses of the Texas Legislature, this crucial legislation which standardizes regulations and strengthens enforcement, was immediately effective when signed by Governor Abbott on May 29, 2023.

“We are very aware of the critical role the metals that we recycle play in the U.S. economy, so we’re especially proud to have supported legislators and law enforcement as they brought this bill to life,” said Allen Hickman, CEO of PGM of Texas. “Their decision to increase penalties for catalytic converter thieves and tighten the regulatory definitions for legitimate recyclers will go a long way toward reducing these thefts.

SB 224 creates a comprehensive criminal and regulatory framework to combat catalytic converter theft, including presumption of unauthorized possession, new criminal offenses, and penalty enhancements for offenders carrying firearms. The bill also closes the business-to-business loophole and requires strict record-keeping of transactions.

”Texans shouldn’t have to consistently look over their shoulders in fear of would-be catalytic converter thieves,” said Senator Carol Alvarado. “Now that the Deputy Darren Almendarez Act is law it will send a clear message, if you mess with Texans, you will be held accountable. I would like to thank my colleagues on both sides of the aisle and in both chambers for their help in its passage.”

Alvarado’s co-sponsor in the House, Rep. Jeff Leach, echoed her sentiments about this landmark legislation: “Texas families shouldn’t have to worry about thievery in their driveway or armed criminals under their car at the mall. When it really takes hold across the board, this legislation will bring about meaningful change and make Texans and their property safer as a result.”

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